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Performance Optimization. Important to note that optimizing is determining that a plant is working as designed and minimizing downtime.
Monitoring and Alert Management
Skilled at examining website data, spotting problems that will yield alerts – sometimes before the alerts occur.

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Quick Response Maintenance
Deployment of skilled technicians and well equipped vehicles.

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Curve trace equipment diagnostics
I-V Curve Diagnostics
Examining array performance at a granular level.

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Comprehensive Preventative Multipoint Inspections
Lack of comprehensive inspections on a regular basis causes owners to have no visibility to festering problems not yet evident through monitoring.

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Infrared Thermography Diagnostics

Looking for hotspots that indicate equipment inefficiencies.

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Vegetation Management
Weeds and grass should not result in shading.

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Seaward Diagnostics
Instant assessment that each conductor is performing as it should.

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Commissioning, Quality Assurance, Start-up

Third party, apart from your EPC, QA/QC inspections and reports - unbiased findings.

SunEye Shade Diagnostics
For new sites and especially older ones, looking for external contributors to shade on arrays.

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End of Life Replacement
Planning for the inevitable.

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DAS Configuration
Ensuring on-site DAS equipment is properly communicating with the monitoring software.

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Operations and Maintenance for Commercial and Utility Scale Solar

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