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RAK Solar Services

RAK Solar Services is a client focused, value driven, full service Operations and Maintenance (O&M). We provide services to asset owners and asset managers with their portfolios of commercial and utility scale solar ground and roof mount arrays in and around Vermont.

Our mission, through a careful blend of monitoring, proactive Preventative Maintenance (PM), reactive PM and reporting, is to instill in our clients the belief that they are spending their solar plant O&M budget wisely while keeping their plants running as efficiently as possible.

We help our clients keep their systems operating the way they were designed to; keeping their flat tops tall, high and wide.


We offer a 365 day a year operation for monitoring, alert management and reactive maintenance.

For every client, we provide reliable and appropriate levels of availability tuned to their needs.

RAK Solar Services

Where Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Solar Developers and Utilities Wisely Spend On O&M

It all boils down to relevancy – are the services we provide solving your problems or relevant to your needs?

O&M Relevancy – Minimizing Revenue Losses: Ensuring your solar plant is producing power as designed, minimize downtime through effective monitoring and alert management coupled with proactive identification of solar plant production issues and fast reactive maintenance. RAK Solar Services can additionally maintain an inventory of replacement parts for fast corrective action so as to ensure your revenue losses are minimized.

  • RAK truly understands Solar O&M. As an Asset Manager I can rely on RAK's analysis of technical site issues. Team members repeatedly demonstrate how to best resolve problems with high quality work while considering downtime and economics for each unique situation. For years they have provided exceptional service with dedicated employees.

    Brian Hancz, Asset Manager of NextSun Energy

  • At Green Lantern, we prize long-standing relationships with contractors who deliver quality on time and at a consistently competitive price. RAK has done a great job keeping our growing portfolio of arrays running at peak performance. They are knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, and great to work with. They charge a fair price for great work.

    Green Lantern Group of Waterbury, VT

We are a team of dedicated Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Specialists.