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Why RAK?

It all boils down to relevancy. Are the services others are providing you solving your problems or relevant to your needs? At RAK they will.

  • One-Off Service
  • Service Plans
  • Flexible Programs and Terms
  • O&M Relevancy

    Minimizing revenue losses: Making sure your solar plant is producing power as designed, minimize downtime through effective monitoring and alert management coupled with proactive identification of solar plant production issues and fast reactive maintenance. RAK Solar Services additionally maintains an inventory of replacement parts for fast corrective action so as to ensure revenue losses are reduced.

  • O&M Reality

    The truth of the matter is that no O&M firm can increase a system’s output as designed, beyond that which it was designed to produce without reducing shading factors, altering or adding components.

  • Why RAK...

    We know when systems are built correctly, how to fix them when they are not, what breaks and what to look for when troubleshooting. Our expertise at identifying errors made during the construction process, failed components, and analysis of shading all serve to help you keep your plant’s output as designed, aiding you in your pursuit of sound O&M spending.

    We are not just an EC that dabbles in solar O&M, solar O&M is our business. Our experienced in-house service technicians focus solely on solar power plants. They have built up a knowledge base they can reference to provide the most efficient and cost-effective service. Our service technicians are more likely to get the problem fixed right the first time, rather than needing to visit the plant multiple times.

    Additionally, we have the support of our partner company, E&S Electrical, a 35 person electrical contracting firm with substantial commercial, industrial and solar electrical experience.

What's Next?

Let's take a minute to outline our process and how we typically proceed, evaluate your needs and make the necessary recommendations.

  • Site Review
    How is your site performing?

    Allow us to access your site so that we may review your actual site data. Let's compare actual performance versus expectations, weather adjusted and forecast data. What might we see that suggests you should see us?

  • Closer Look
    FREE onsite visit and visual inspection.

    Once we confirm that the P&M plan (limits apply and an agreement must be fully executed) created by our team meets your annual goals for your site, we schedule an onsite visit to have a closer look at your facility and suggest any needed adjustments.

  • Monitor & Alerts

    Our dedicated team will monitor the performance of your site and make recommendations to improve or maintain performance and schedule required parts.

  • Being Reactive

    Reactive or corrective services to prevent failure or down periods beyond scheduled times. We are fast and ready.

  • Planning Ahead
    By having a plan, maintenance is for the purpose of making sure the equipment is working and the plant is producing as designed.