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Maintaining Energy Levels

with operation and maintenance expertise
Operation and maintenance of renewable energy plant.

RAK O&M Services provides a Northeast based operations and maintenance (O&M) service for renewable energy plants. We offer our services 365 days a year and cover routine operations, as well as preventative, corrective, and reactive maintenance.

Our O&M Team provides our clients with in-depth knowledge of Solar PV and DAS technical expertise, derived from years of commercial PV construction for more than 20 MW of commercial and utility scale solar ground and roof installations.

All site performance and security is monitored using a variety of real-time platforms, which are managed from our headquarters by our dedicated Control Room. This is backed up by a regional presence, with our team of trained and highly qualified personnel.

Our O&M Manager has over twelve years experience in the Solar PV and Solar Thermal Industry, both commercial and residential locations. Robert’s O&M work has resulted in extensive knowledge of a multitude of string level inverters including but not limited to ABB, Chint, Solectria, Fronuis and SMA, plus central plant inverters.

Attention to Detail

We know when systems are built correctly, how to fix them when they are not, what breaks and what to look for when troubleshooting. Expertise at identifying errors made during the construction process, failed components, and analysis of shading all serve to keep your plant’s output as designed. This attention to detail aids our clients in their pursuit of sound O&M spending.

Targeted Outcomes

Making sure your Solar plant is producing power as designed, minimize downtime through effective monitoring and alert management. With proactive identification of solar plant production issues and fast reactive maintenance. RAK Solar Services additionally maintains a full Inventory of replacement parts for fast corrective action to reduce down time or equipment under performing.

What sets RAK apart

We are not just and electric company that occasionally performs solar O&M. At RAK, Solar O&M is our business, with the support of our partner company E&S Electrical, a 35-person firm with substantial commercial, industrial and solar electrical experience.